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What is the market prospect of beauty sewing agent

2018/12/18 18:07

In recent years, the United States is seamed agent is born suddenly suddenly, replaced traditional ceramic tile to fill seam agent, solved domestic ceramic tile aperture effectively not beautiful wait for a problem with musty dirty black.The United States is sewn become contemporary the vogue demand that decorates indispensable, the United States sews agent to become red-hot decorate material.

From cement mortar joint is not waterproof moldy, to white cement joint is easy to absorb water off;From modified cement-based caulking agent not fouling hard scrub resistance, beauty to the one-component seam an agent peeling hardness is low, easy to collapse, and then to today's a two-component true porcelain beauty adhesive seam an agent, not only good hardness and high toughness, never cracking mildewy, waterproof and anti-corrosive, color is rich, resistance to pollution, easy, high hardness, high toughness, not shedding off powder, true porcelain beauty adhesive seam an agent hot also is easy to understand.

Why does ceramic tile need beautiful seam?

The main reason is nothing more than two: one is for beauty, the other is for health.

If the ceramic tile gap is not filled with products, it is easy to be filled with garbage, not only difficult to clean up the final become dirty and black, but also easy to breed bacteria, harm the health of the family, become one of the family hidden dangers.

What is the market prospect of the United States sewing agent?

Common at present on the market double component is true porcelain glue beautiful seam agent, price is in commonly 120-350 yuan each, utilization rate of ceramic tile of our country decorate is far higher than other country and area.In 2017, China's ceramic tile consumption is about 10 billion square meters, accounting for more than 60% of the global consumption, far ahead of the second largest European Union, per capita ceramic tile consumption 7.14 square meters, is the world's largest ceramic tile production, consumption and export.In product of our country floor, ceramic tile occupies 50.2%, far prep above the country such as United States of America, India euramerican, rank the first in the world.Current, market dimensions of market of pottery and porcelain of our country building is about 500 billion yuan, among them market of public outfit holds 30%, domestic outfit market holds 70%, ceramic tile is divided into wall brick and floor tile two kinds, wall brick is divided again exterior wall brick and interior wall brick two kinds.