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Winter opens 3 days in advance the room of floor heating laid floor heating suits to do beautiful seam more

2018/12/18 18:06

After entering winter, the family decorates had entered end stage, beautiful seam agent construction ushered in a wave of busy season.Northern area weather is cold, a lot of families laid floor heating, so the problem comes, can the room of laid floor heating do ceramic tile beautiful seam?This problem is troubling the owner that decorating not only, also perplexing beautiful seam master likewise.

1, let ceramic tile gap completely dry

Winter weather is cold, wet cold air sinks, bring about ceramic tile aperture wet, although weather is fine brick seam is dry slower also, if dry not complete, beautiful seam agent is made can appear drum, change color, do not do not wait for a circumstance.3 days before the construction of beauty joint, close doors and Windows and open floor heating, which can heat the ground and accelerate the drying of cracks. Thus, the effect of beauty joint agent is the best.

2. Comfortable at room temperature, easier construction

Cold weather United States sewing agent becomes sticky, curing time is also extended.The room that opened floor heating ahead of time, room temperature wants a lot higher than the room that did not open floor heating, material of beautiful seam agent is put indoors do not need additional heat to be able to use normally, beautiful seam master construction also can become a lot easier.

3. Accelerate the curing time of beauty sewing agent

The curing time of beauty joint agent is related to the ambient temperature. The curing time of beauty joint agent is the shortest around room temperature of 25 degrees, and the effect of color and glossiness is better. The strength and toughness are also the best.