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Hongyu is committed to creating a work atmosphere that respects individuality and advocates equality for employees.Between employees, leaders and employees, respect and serve each other.What we offer is a kind of entrepreneurial stage, regarding each department as an independent "small business".All hongyu people are not only the realization of the grand goal of hongyu, but also the pioneer of personal career.Action is the medium through which all organizations and individuals achieve their goals.No matter to the enterprise or employees, its value can be divided according to immediate value, market value and future value.Hongyu insists on creating a "learning organization" to build an "entrepreneurial stage" for employees, so that employees can not only actively learn in work practice, but also hire top experts at home and abroad to enhance enterprise training and assessment, enhance the market value of employees, realize the common growth of employees and enterprises, and enhance the future value of enterprises and employees.



Can oneself do beautiful seam agent construction?


Can oneself do beautiful seam agent construction?Beautiful seam agent construction cannot be done blindly, no matter have the master of experience again, want to have a reference, because the reference can let oneself develop imagination, can be better in undertaking construction, the effect that makes so, ability reflects the standard after beautiful seam agent construction better and vogue.So to every family, when choosing agent of beautiful seam construction, want to understand reference material above all, pass reference material, imagine the kind of effect that oneself need ceaselessly, after such construction, ability makes the effect of oneself construction won't appear a problem in very long time.

So both families choose beautiful seam an agent construction, and other units, to undertake the seam an agent construction before, to fully understand the reference in construction of the seam an agent, it is best to know more about this aspect of the reference, through a comprehensive understanding of locating a decorate is particularly suited to their environment, can let oneself through the seam an agent construction, can see the construction effect, looked that has grade, more atmosphere, so as to make both sides are satisfied with each other.

Seam an agent construction in the United States of time not only for reference, and at the same time to choose a good beautiful seam an agent products, because good beautiful seam an agent products, construction of the absolute is different, so for many families in choosing a beautiful seam an agent, not only for reference, but also better choose a is especially suitable for a family to decorate the beauty of the seam an agent brand.


Does beauty seam agent contain harmful composition?


Beautiful seam agent is used at decorating ceramic tile aperture and sealing the processing of edge commonly, the aperture that leaves after ceramic tile shop sticks undertakes beautification.So, does beauty sewing agent contain harmful ingredients?Does beauty seam agent contain formaldehyde?Will it do harm to people's lives?

Does beauty seam agent contain harmful composition?

Hongyu joint agent is mainly composed of epoxy resin, pigment and curing agent.Beautiful seam agent has waterproof, fight ooze, do not touch the characteristic of oil, the surface after solidification is smooth, intensity is tall, wear-resisting, do not touch dirty, easy clean, can be swabbed together with ceramic tile, so it can accomplish "never dirty black".Informal beautiful sew agent manufacturer can use inferior material to pretend to import material to reduce cost, in order to colour looks better add nonyl phenol to wait for a material, this kind of material belongs to long-term volatile organic contaminant, can cause stimulation to skin, mucous membrane, eye, long-term contact can bring about male sterility.

Does beauty seam agent contain formaldehyde?

The formaldehyde in paint basically exists in adhesive, and the United States of grand reputation seam agent is by new-style polymer material adds high-grade pigment and other assistant agent combination and become, do not contain adhesive, need not worry about the pollution that has formaldehyde when using beautiful seam agent so.


Can we make beautiful sewing in winter?


1. Increase the temperature of beauty sewing agent

In construction of below 5 ℃, the temperature, the lower seam an agent products more viscous, freezing, even before use, please use 50 to 60 ℃ hot water heating products for 5-10 minutes and then construction.When reheating, the product should be placed upside down to prevent water vapor from entering the bottle.

2. Improve the environmental temperature of beauty joint construction

Pay attention to close the doors and Windows before construction, and open the heating equipment such as air conditioning, heating fan, etc., in order to facilitate the curing of the United States joint agent and the elimination of residual materials.

3, wet environment in advance to do dry treatment

The winter of southern area is relatively damp, metope has moist, the circumstance of water bead falls, beautiful seam agent changes color very easily, good dehumidification works ahead of time.

4. Use special cleaning wax for beautiful sewing

Winter United States is seamed agent solidify time is longer, bring about remaining makings to be not convenient eliminate, in order to protect ceramic tile, suggest United States before seaming construction thin besmear on ceramic tile brim clean wax.After the completion of the construction does not affect the pressure joint, it is very convenient to clean up.


Why use beauty sealant?


Why use caulking material?

Cement serves as the earliest fill seam material, because change color easily, easy craze, color is little wait for a shortcoming, already was eliminated basically.And cement base fills seam makings, take cement as foundation material, compound matchs additive and inorganic color makings, have wear-resisting, close shrink, do not craze, the advantage such as low price, become the most mainstream that the market fills seam material at present.

As people is right indoor adornment demand rises ceaselessly, glossiness is better, the resin kind of beautiful seam material with better antifouling sex, rise gradually in recent years popularity.In particular, two-component epoxy resin beauty joint agent, beauty porcelain glue, is the mainstream beauty joint material.

Because the beautiful seam material of resin kind, have colour and lustre good, be able to bear the advantage such as dirt wear-resisting, price is higher also.

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